Pastor's Corner

17th October, 2021

Today’s First Reading returns to the figure of the Suffering Servant who gave “his life as an offering for sin.” Many prophets, before and after Isaiah, emphasized this same promise to the people who walked the path of darkness and longed to see God’s light. Early Christians, centuries later, recognized in the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ the image of the Servant of Isaiah’s prophecy. As a matter of fact, the letter to the Hebrews refers to Jesus as the Son of God and high priest “who has passed through the heavens.” While the members of the Christian community reflected upon the Lord with such images, the Gospel today offers us a direct—through simple—description of who Jesus is for us. In his dialogue with the apostles, Jesus teaches them that the world’s standards are not his standards, nor those of his Father

The call to service should blossom in the heart of each disciple! Only by giving one’s life for the sake of the Gospel can we be transformed in God’s love. This theme of service will motivate the members of parish groups to dialogue about the gifts and challenges of their own ministries, as they face contemporary social standards that frequently oppose their message. The parish liturgy committee should emphasize the call to service throughout today’s liturgy, particularly in the commentaries, Prayer of the Faithful, and the music. Perhaps, after the Prayer after communion, members of a specific ministry could speak about their call to service, in order to encourage others to offer their time and talent to the community in the name of the Lord.

Rev. Juan J. Sosa