Pastor's Corner

13th June, 2021

The Word of God invites us to listen to a message rooted in the elements of nature. God is the giver of all gifts and the center of the Scriptural texts. In the First Reading, we learn of God’s desire to take branches from a cedar and plant them on a mountain —God’s traditional meeting place with the Israelites— where they will grow and produce good fruit. For the Israelites, the tree was a symbol of the just person who, planted near running waters, received nourishment and life from the Lord. In the Gospel, Jesus uses the well-known image of the mustard seed to expand the notion of God’s kingdom and offers his listeners the opportunity to embrace a lifestyle that will ultimately produce good fruit among and beyond them. As Saint Paul proclaims in today’s Second Reading, the fruit God desires results from walking by faith and living out the demands of the Gospel with courage.

For Saint Paul, faith was always a total commitment which allowed him to look forward to meeting the Lord at the end of his evangelizing mission on earth. Struck by the imagery and the power of today’s readings, we may ask ourselves; how committed are we to live our faith and to trust in Christ’s grace? Have we grown in our faith in Christ and his Church? Is this a priority in our daily lives, or a secondary choice that makes us worship out of duty or fear? Are we willing to become the living tree that, rooted in God’s love, produces good fruit for others?

Rev. Juan J. Sosa