Pastor's Corner

30th January, 2022

Today’s readings state that God is in need of prophets who are willing to proclaim his word. In the First Reading, Jeremiah assumes this mission, and God assures the prophet that he will always be at his side, despite the many wars that the mighty and powerful will wage against his declarations and pronouncements. This is the message that Saint Paul sends to the Corinthians when he develops the theme of love. He encourages them to live as children no more, but rather as adult men and women –willing to be witnesses and prophets, and to see God face to face. In the Gospel, Jesus points out that no person is a prophet in his home town.

He tells the people at the synagogue that God is not only present among his people, but with the Gentiles also –a message that frustrated his audience. Prophets proclaim hope in the midst of injustice, and call for peace in conflict. The theme from this Sunday can be extended to formation of the faithful during the week. A coordinator or staff member can elaborate on it and use the following questions for reflection and discussion: What challenges do we face in our lives that compel us to respond as prophets in response to Christ’s call to missionary discipleship? What attitudes do these Scriptural passages convey to help us live as prophets in today’s world?

Rev. Juan J. Sosa