Pastor's Corner

10th April, 2021

Today we observe with joy the warm response the apostles received when they preached about the Risen Christ. Such joy is reflected in the Acts of the Apostles and the other readings selected for this Divine Mercy Sunday. At the same time, we notice in the readings an exchange very common in the life of the faithful: the faith commitment of the baptized and the doubts that may arise as a result of our human condition. The apostles, especially Thomas, also reflect this exchange. In the Gospel, Thomas seeks confirmation that Christ is risen. Once he experiences the presence of the Risen Christ, Thomas believes and helps us all to trust more in his risen life.

The apostles, through their sacrifice and death, bear witness to that risen life in which all who believe in Jesus and are baptized already participate. How can we today encounter the Risen Lord, when we doubt his presence in the difficult moments of life? The community of faith shows us the means: through the Word, prayer, especially the Eucharist, and our desire to serve those who are discarded by society and need our attention, we experience the presence of Our Risen Lord who dwells in our midst. This theme of faith and doubt, together with the mercy of God, can assist the members of parish groups to reflect and dialogue during their weekly gatherings.

Rev. Juan J. Sosa