Pastor's Corner

September 20 th, 2020

The prophet Isaiah in today's First Reading invites us to search for the Lord. The next two readings reveal the true image of the God we encounter when our hearts are willing to welcome him. In the First Testament, this search leads to the God of justice and peace, who loves the people persistently throughout their journey of faith, while both St. Paul in the Second Reading and St. Matthew in the Gospel show us the God of mercy who distributes his grace through his only begotten Son in each moment of our own faith journey. Many people search for God in multiple nonreligious practices that are tainted by magic or superstition: horoscopes, New Age, santeria or even spiritism.

The God of the Bible is not revealed by means of these practices. If we truly search for God, our first step is to treat those around us with the same love and mercy with which God has treated us. Today's Gospel parable shows us a God who has no favorites and who welcomes into the kingdom all those who come to know Christ, whether at the beginning of their lives or at the end. Each word that we utter, each gesture that we make, must be transformed into a clear invitation that leads others to encounter Christ in us, since Christ is the way to the Father. Today's Gospel can be a starting point for parish group dialogue about the deeper meaning of the Gospel. Why does the landowner provide the same salary to both the workers who arrived early at the vineyard and those who were hired last?

Rev. Juan J. Sosa