Pastor's Corner

26th June, 2022

Our commitment to serve the people of God is crucial in order to respond to God’s call each day. In today’s Gospel, Jesus insists that all who wish to follow him must disconnect themselves from objects and people that impede their dedication to service. However, this attitude of service cannot arise out of norms or laws, but rather out of hearts that have been renewed by him who calls us to love others with a compassionate and unconditional love. The prophet Elisha responds to Elijah’s call and wants to follow him; out of compassion, he distributes the meat of his two bulls among the people to satisfy their hunger.

St. Paul reminds us that only in their freedom of the Spirit does our service to others find new paths that arise out of authentic love and lead us to unconditional love. As disciples of the same Master, we too strive to live in that authentic love that compels us to serve the neediest among us; for this reason, the response to God’s daily call is transformed in our selfless surrender to the concrete reality that we discover each day when we arise from sleep or lie down at night. Parish groups may wish to reflect upon their attitude of service, the challenges they face, and on their commitment. When and where do I spend time with the Lord each day?

Rev. Juan J. Sosa