Baptism Requirements

For parishioners

When you have all required documents, please come in to the parish office to register for the Baptism and the class.


Have to be over 18, must have received baptism, first communion & confirmation, if they are married it must have been in the church, not civilly. Letter required from their parish to say they are practicing catholics.

Parents who live outside our parish

They need to get a letter of permission from their church plus all the paper work then they can make an appointment with christine to register for the baptism and class.

Parents and godparents

Mandatory class of instruction before baptism, must be pre-registered for class.

A copy of the baby's birth certificate is required.

If you have your own priest performing the ceremony we need a letter from him to state he is a priest in good standing.


Need only be of sound mind. Sponsors who are not present at baptism have to submit a letter accepting their role in the baptism.

Suggested donation

Please download the Guidelines for Baptism

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